Most finance professionals simply don't have the math or software development skills required to produce high-quality predictive models. Coming from a background in business or accounting, they tend to use Microsoft Excel in places where Excel simply doesn't belong. We love Excel too, but we recognize its limitations, and we have a wealth of far more powerful tools at our disposal--including the ability to develop our own models entirely from scratch, in languages such as Python, C++, C#, R, MATLAB, and SQL. 

Most software developers, who come from a background in websites or social media, simply don't have the ​interest or the domain knowledge required to succeed in quantitative finance--especially where they're often viewed as an expense rather than the company's primary profit center.

We specialize in bridging this gap by providing expert-level system design, software development, and quantitative financial skills to organizations large and small. 


Got a trading idea or an edge? Let us help you quantify and deploy it. We specialize in designing trading algorithms for equities and options, and we even know a couple of tricks for combining the two. We can develop everything from a simple trend-following system to a short-term, momentum-driven long-short strategy.  


Whether you wish to create your own models or deploy something that's standard in the industry, we can help with the pricing and hedging of all financial derivatives.


We can help with everything from data mining to requirements analysis, from model development to backtesting, and from turning an idea sketched on the back of a napkin into a full-fledged, profitable company.